(sequel to Into the Free)

In a few hours, Millie will say “I do” to Bump Anderson, a man who loves her through and through. But would he love her if he knew the secret she keeps?

Millie’s mind is racing and there seems to be no clear line between right and wrong. Either path leads to pain, and she’ll do anything to protect the ones she loves. So she decides to bury the truth and begin again, helping Bump launch a ranch in the wilds of Colorado. But just when she thinks she’s left her old Mississippi life behind, the facts surface in the most challenging way.

That’s when Millie’s grandmother, Oka, arrives to help. Relying on her age-old Choctaw traditions, Oka teaches Millie the power of second chances. Millie resists, believing redemption is about as likely as moving mountains. But Oka stands strong, modeling forgiveness as the only true path to freedom.

Together, Bump, Millie, and Oka fight against all odds to create a sustainable ranch, all while learning that the important lessons of their pasts can be used to build a beautiful future.

Julie Cantrell’s When Mountains Move is a classic American novel of risk-taking, struggle, renewal, and redemption. This book took my breath away. If you loved Ms. Cantrell’s debut novel, Into the Free, you will treasure this sequel.
— Amy Hill Hearth NYT bestselling author of Having Our Say


“Millie’s voice remains the center of new emotional dynamics, and it will linger with readers after they close the book.”                                                                                                                                                              –Publishers Weekly


“Julie Cantrell’s When Mountains Move is a classic American novel of risk-taking, struggle, renewal, and redemption. This book took my breath away. If you loved Ms. Cantrell’s debut novel, Into the Free, you will treasure this sequel.”

                                                                                                   –Amy Hill Hearth, New York Times bestselling author of Having Our Say                                                                                        

“Julie Cantrell hits another home run with When Mountains Move—a gripping story of the uneasy trials of a new marriage and the hardships of ranching in the rough terrain of the Rockies. The biggest threat, though, is not the mountain lion that prowls in the shadows, but a harrowing secret from the past. Julie’s storytelling talents took me to the brink of emotion, and I came out on the other side cheering! Don’t miss this stunning sequel to Into the Free!”

                                                                      –Carla Stewartaward-winning author of Chasing Lilacs and Sweet Dreams 


“Cantrell is a wise and beautiful storyteller. Readers will be instantly drawn to Millie—secrets and all—and will savor her grace-filled journey toward truth and freedom.”

                                                                                               –Beth Webb Hart, bestselling author of Moon Over Edisto


“Julie Cantrell is a born storyteller and her talent shines in When Mountains Move. This inspiring novel beautifully captures a time and place that will leave readers feeling that all is well in the world. It’s a journey into the western frontier, young marriage, and unresolved pasts, but above all, it’s a journey into the human spirit. Fans of Into the Free are sure to devour this magical and heartfelt story.” 

                                     –Michael Morrisauthor of Man in the Blue MoonSlow Way Home, and A Place Called Wiregrass


“If, like me, you are an armchair adventurer, you will love this beautifully written story about a young woman who treks to Colorado in 1943 to start a ranch with her new husband. Plagued by hardships often found in that era and a deep secret with the power to destroy everything, Millie’s journey culminates on a mountain where she faces an impossible choice. Julie Cantrell’s lyrical writing and engaging story captivated me for days. I loved When Mountains Move!” 

                                                                                                               –Kellie Coates Gilbertauthor of Mother of Pearl


“Julie Cantrell is a masterful storyteller. When Mountains Move is a gripping tale, full of charm and heart. Because the novel is true to Millie’s point of view, the reader is pulled at once into her world, her difficult decisions, and her reasons for choosing as she does. Each of her choices leads to another, and each ending brings a new, unexpected beginning. Reading When Mountains Move is like experiencing the Rockies in late spring: each peak exposes the reader to new heights, amazing beauty, and unexpected adventure. The result is a riveting tale that captures the reader’s attention and holds it long after the last page. This is an engrossing, drama-packed novel about forgiveness and second chances. Millie is a heroine readers young and old will believe in.”

                                                                                                                           Michel Stone, author of The Iguana Tree


“Once again, New York Times bestselling author Julie Cantrell delivers a rich and moving story that pulled me from page to page. When Mountains Move explores the many facets of faith that are tested in the fires of betrayal and reminds us that even our deepest pain can be transformed. It is a beautiful novel that lights up the page and whose characters took up residence in my heart.” 

                                                                                              –Shelly BeachChristy Award–winning author and speaker


“Julie Cantrell’s characters challenge the landscape, both internal and external. When Mountains Move is a beautiful journey of hope, healing, and triumph against the odds. Set against the stunning backdrop of the American West, it’s one for your keeper shelf.”  

                                                                     –Lisa Wingatebestselling author of The Prayer Box and The Sea Glass Sisters


“A lyrical, engaging story about a young woman overcoming a rocky start to her life. Millie is a spirited, complex character who must discover that the path to love and peace is paved with forgiveness. I enjoyed this novel immensely.”                                                                           Margaret Dillowayauthor of The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns